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Post by [Owner Jugg] Quik on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:55 pm

Hello and welcome to the server!
Here are the rules of the server! Please follow them.
1. Do not break NLR, NLR time is 3 mins (The menu says 5 mins i can't change but if you read this you would know!)
2. No RDM of anytype, even if its crossfire! Your fault!
3. No disrespect towards staff and or players.
4. Staff have final say.
5. No witnesses, the only reason why is because you could be talking on skype,ts3,discord,ect. and lie so we bring no witnesses unless they were part of the rdm,disrespect,ect.
6. Don't exploit the rules in anyway will result in kick or temp ban.
7. No exploiting glitches! report them to me or Rythme so we can fix them if caught, perma ban.
8. Do apeal on fourms for bans dont just post it anywhere.
9. If you think any other rules should be added let us know.!
10. No copying names.
11. No trading for out of game currency.
12. Name must have english characters in the name and must only talk english in ooc/advert ect.
13. No hacking or scripting! Perma Ban.
14. FearRP is a thing remmeber this is seriousRP and if your life is endangered dont do something you wouldnt do normally.
15. No FailRP
16. No purges, go onto a PurgeRP server instead please.
17. No propblock
18. No prop abuse.
19. Fading Doors must have 5 second delay. (Goto keypad tool gun, go down to second column, hold time, 5 secs)
20. No blocking NPC's
21 Have Fun!

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